About Blockchain Jobs Africa

Many people think blockchain is “new” and complicated but it has been around for almost ten years and is actually a fairly simple technology – and – the technology component is just a fraction of any blockchain solution. At Blockchain Jobs Africa, we have discovered a niche in the blockchain industry to serve the job seekers looking for a user friendly platform to showcase their talent and employers looking for brilliant talents.

Amit Zavery, Senior Vice President, Oracle Cloud Platform, says:

“Blockchain holds the promise to fundamentally transform how business is done, making business-to-business interactions more secure, transparent, and efficient…”

When you think of blockchain, what kinds of jobs come to mind? What many don’t realize is that blockchain adoption is creating a need for more than just developers. Companies working with blockchain are also looking to hire business and technical consultants, software engineers, cyber security strategists, project managers, marketers and many others. And because blockchain is being applied across a diverse array of industries such as finance, retail, supply chain and healthcare, the jobs are just as varied. We have provided platforms for both job seekers and employers.

Since last December 2017, the number of blockchain jobs has increased by 207 percent. Even more dramatically, the number has increased 631 percent since November 2015.

While many industry observers likely didn’t need the numbers to know the blockchain industry has grown massively over the course of the last year, the quantification is interesting, especially as it relates to the divergence in the number of jobs searched compared to the number of jobs posted.

LinkedIn’s UK Country Manager, Josh Graff, says:

“Professionals in related areas such as cryptography and machine learning may want to look at the roles available and the skills they need to develop, as there is certainly a growing demand within the technology, finance and insurance industries for Blockchain expertise.”

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